pleadingly It was officially launched by the President of IFIA, Dr. Alireza Rastegar the Indian representation of the Latin American office of the International Federation of Inventors Associations – IFIA, and the International Innovative Brazil Inventors, Scientists and Entrepreneurs Association – ABIPIR (IFIA-ABIR in India (IFIA/ ABIPIR LATAM -Chapter India).

The initiative’s main objective is to expand the action of the Latin American office of IFIA/ABIPIR located in Foz do Iguaçu City – Brazil, strengthen relations with inventors, startups, academic-scientific community and Governments of Brazil and India that already have a relationship of historical friendship, institutionalized by being part of the same BRICS economic bloc.

The intention is to implement partnerships and businesses, allowing cooperation and exchanges between higher education institutions of scientific research and innovation environments such as incubators, accelerators and facilitating the commercialization of inventions and solutions created by startups between the 2 Countries and organizing online and presential events together.

The founder and President of ABIPIR and Director of IFIA in Latin America, Dr. Marcelo Vivacqua thanked Mr. Anand Kanan, CEO of Startup Sparkinov, who will be the Coordinator of IFIA/ABIPIR LATAM – Chapter India, for his trust and partnership unconditional opinion of the President of the Indian Association of Inventors, Dr. Aynampudi Subbarao and the President of IFIA, Mr. Alireza Rastegar.

Dr. Marcelo highlighted the exceptional work that has been developed in President Alireza Rastegar’s administration over the past few years, having him transformed IFIA into an organization known and respected as the most important in the innovation scenario in the world, organizing and supporting the most impactful initiatives linked to inventors, scientists and entrepreneurs.

Special thanks to My Startup TV Director also was given, the only specialist in the segment in the world, for the warm welcome to the event and the distinguished presence of the founders and coordinators of the most important program to encourage and stimulate scientific education in the world, Ms. Juli and Mr. Jake, the Global Innovation Field Trip – GIFT, partner of IFIA and ABIPIR.

It’s important to reinforce that IFIA/ABIPIR LATAM – Chapter India will not be a competitor of the Indian Association of Inventors, but both together will be able to help all the India Innovation Ecosystem than they could do alone, being a synergetic and win-win relationship.

All the parts are quite sure that the Inventors, Scientists, Entrepreneurs, Teachers and Students will be benefited from this new enterprise.