It is with great pride and a sense of accomplishment that we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the foundation.
During most of this period, we had the invaluable and unconditional support of IFIA in all initiatives.
There were 11 editions of InnovaCities – International Fair of Applied Science, Inventions, Innovations and Businesses, 10 in Brazil and one in Angola.
We carried out dozens of workshops, mentorships for inventors and young aspiring scientists and inventors, where more than 200 thousand people participated as exhibitors and visitors, all actions being carried out completely free of charge.
We celebrate with a golden key the 10 years of foundation by organizing a great action which is the “BRICS Innovation in Industry Competition” with the support of IFIA spreading to several countries and Sparkinov, partner of the Latin American Office of IFIA, coordinated by ABIPIR, in India.
We would like to thank everyone who over these years has directly or indirectly supported ABIPIR’s actions, in particular, our Directors Mariangela and Celso Lückmann and Mr. Alireza Rastegar, President of IFIA, sharing our purpose of making the world better for people through inventiveness and innovation and leave a valuable legacy, especially in actions carried out with children and adolescents, the future of any country.
Marcelo Vivacqua

Shpola Founder of ABIPIR

Alireza Rastegar

President of IFIA.