INVITATION TO Indonesian Inventors Day 2020

INNOPA will hold the 7th International Young Inventors Awards (IYIA) with Online Judging System due to the COVID-19 outbreak around the world. Along with the IYIA, there will be held also the 3rd World Invention and Technology Expo (WINTEX). The main difference between both events is, IYIA is categorized for high school students or inventors below 18 years old, meanwhile, WINTEX is for university students, individual researchers, company/institution, or inventors over 18 years old.

Last year, the IYIA participated in 440 inventions from 17 countries. This year, we predict there will be more than 500 inventions from 20 countries to participate in the event. We also have separated the competition into 3 categories:

1. The International STEM-based Innovation Competition
2. The International Paper Competition
3. The International Business Plan Competition

I would like to cordially invite you and your organization to participate in this year’s event.
Please see the attached documents for further information regarding the event. The registration can be done through our website www.innopa.org until 30 October 2020. And for this month’s registration, there is a 15% OFF discount from the normal fee, which is you need only to pay USD 150/project.


The 7th International Young Inventors Awards (IYIA) 2020
In order to appreciate and promote young innovators around the world, who have dedicated themselves to making innovations, creations, and creativity, Indonesia will hold the “International Young Inventors Award (IYIA)”. IYIA will be focused on exhibiting creative innovations from young innovators in the world. All participants can present their inventions in the form of a sample, prototype, mock-up, and many others.

IYIA 2020 is going to be organized by the Indonesian Invention and Innovation Promotion Association (INNOPA) under IFIA’s patronage from 27 to 29 November 2020 in order to appreciate and promote young innovators around the world.

Last year, the 5th IYIA was held in Bali with more than 250 inventions presented, and this year, we predict that there will be more than 400 inventions with 100.000 people attending The 6th IYIA, including young inventors coming from various participating countries, territories, and organizations.

On this occasion, the IYIA 2019 would give an opportunity to promising young innovators or scientists to share creative ideas among one another and also provide excellent exposure of invention and technological advancements in various sectors. The IYIA 2019 will also provide an excellent opportunity to tighten our relationship and will give participants chances to explore a peaceful and friendly country in Wonderful Indonesia.


Date:2020/10/27 – 2020/10/29

Rules and Regulation of IYIA and WINTEX 2020

International Young Inventors Award (IYIA) and World Invention and Technology Expo (WINTEX) are the events dedicated to inventors from 6 to 40 years old around the world. All innovative products which are beneficial, applicable, up to date, and can improve the human’s quality of life will be presented here. So, this competition will not allow the participants to bring such works as poet, song, painting, and other works of arts, basic scientific research, basic research, or observational reports about natural areas.

IYIA and WINTEX are appropriate events for all innovators who have won any International innovation competition. And these events are also appropriate for those innovators who have not participated in any innovation competition. Here is a good way to start competing with other young innovators from all-around countries.

The competition will be divided into two stages, which are the preliminary and final stages. In the preliminary stage selection, each team is expected to describe their invention well and convince the judges through a brief description in the online registration form. While in the final stage, the participants will exhibit and present their innovation directly in front of the judges and visitors during the competition.

1. Preliminary stage In this stage, each participant must explain their innovation briefly and clearly through the online registration form. The registration can be done at www.innopa.or.id and after that, the participants need to wait for the invitation letter (LoA) that will be sent via email iyia.innopa@gmail.com. The application deadline is 30 October 2020.

2. Final stage Participants who have passed the preliminary stage selection will get an invitation from the organizer to go to the final in Jakarta and can prepare the materials to be presented in front of the judges. The judge will come to every participant’s booth and the judging process will be done in 5-10 minutes for every judge including the QnA section. There will be 2 judges for each team.


1. Category of participants: IYIA: Elementary and high school students WINTEX: University, start-up, enterprises, or company

2. Participants can do registration individually or in a team, with the maximum members in a team are 5 persons and 1 advisor/teacher.

Rewards: All groups are evaluated for Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medals and Certificates respectively.

Form of inventions:

□ Ready-made products

□ Commercial products

□ Prototype □ Models

□ Others (please state………….)

Category of the invention:

□ Agriculture, livestock, horticulture, aquaculture, and fisheries

□ Aviation and transport

□ Biotechnology and biofuels

□ Culinary and Food

□ Educational items (Teaching Methods and Material, Musical Instruments, Art Materials)

□ Engineering, Construction, and Infrastructure

□ Fashion and Beauty

□Hardware and Tools (Office Product & Furniture)

□ Industrial Design

□ Information, Communication, and Technology (ICT)

□ Machinery, Equipment, and Manufacturing Process

□ Personal Care Products

□ Pharmacy, Health, Medicine, and Humanistic Therapy

□ Power and Electricity

□ Protection of Environment, Energy, Water, Sanitation, and Green Technology

□ Social Science Products

□ Sports, Leisure, and Recreational Equipment, Active Wears

□ Technology, IoT, and Apps

□ Textile and Chemical Industry

□ Others

IYIA Judging Criteria: The main aim of IYIA is to appreciate students with their innovative projects. So, the focus of the IYIA will be in the originality or novelty of an idea, innovation and creativity value, performance, and practicability of products, also the way of presentation.

a. Originality or Novelty of Idea: Is the idea original and new? Is it “the first”? (25%)

b. Innovation and Creativity Value: Is it innovative enough? Is it useful? (25%)

c. Performance and Practicability of Products: Is it easy to use? Easy maintenance? Environmentally friendly and safe enough? (25%)

d. Presentation: Is the inventor able to present his/her invention completely and clearly? (25%)

WINTEX Judging Criteria: WINTEX will have a focus on the advanced stage of innovation after it is being created. So, besides the originality and innovation aspects that still become the main point, it will be further focused on the commercialization and marketability, patent or license granted, and design packaging or aesthetic value.

a. Originality and Innovative Value: Is it “the first”? Is it important enough to be said as “innovation”? (30%)

b. Commercialization and Marketability: Estimation of the new product’s future expanding sales potential, including regions, quantity, amount, etc.(30%)

c. Aesthetic: shape, color and color matching performance, product series performance, corporate identity, system performance, materials usage, user-friendly interface, and operation. (20%)

d. Patent or license granted: Has the invention grant a patent or patent application number? (20%)


1. The organizer has the right to reject submissions that are incomplete or do not meet the requirements.

2. All participants should respect the jury decisions.

3. If there are any modifications to the regulations, the organizer will announce the changes on the website. Entrants will not be contacted individually regarding any changes.

4. Plagiarism or other unlawful acts will result in disqualification from awards and medals.

5. Please limit all exhibitions and displays to under 80 DB noise during the final round and do not utilize any dangerous goods. If necessary, participants must prepare their own pollution capture/treatment equipment to avoid pollutant release during the demonstration of exhibits. Violators will face disqualification from the competition.

6. If you wish to prohibit visitors from taking pictures or videos of the final entries, please display your own English-Bahasa (Indonesian language) bulletin boards with “Do not take pictures” or “Do not video”. However, in order to generate publicity, it is hoped that you will allow reporters and other media access to your exhibit.

7. The winners will be awarded certificates at the award ceremony. If there are any errors, please report them to the organizer. Corrections will be made immediately and a replacement certificate will be given. After the end of this competition, October 2020 any corrections to certificates will not be made.

8. During the final (between the layout and removal), please be responsible for your own exhibits. The organizer shall not be liable for the lost or damaged exhibit.