Invitation to the IFIA members to participate in FITI 2020

Sri Lanka Association for the Advancement of Science (SLAAS) partner with Sri Lanka Inventors Commission (SLIC) for FITI-2020 / SLAAS / SLIC Conference on “From Innovation To Impact “to encourage and promote R & D innovation and social innovation by providing an opportunity for scientists to showcase the societal impact of innovation, on a road map for positive change.

FITI is an excellent opportunity to publish your articles in an IEEE standard world-recognized Scopus indexed journal which is the world’s largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed research literature.

The goal of Innovation is a positive change. A major benefit of innovation is its contribution to economic growth. Thus, innovation is the most important factor for countries that guarantees employment growth, sustainable growth, social welfare, and the quality of life.

Topics of interest

The societal impact of Research and Development Innovation


The societal impact of social Innovation

R & D entails basic research, applied research, and development (design and development of prototypes and processes). Innovation created in the R&D sectors enables sustainable economic growth. Conversely, social innovation is defined as a concept that can help civil society meet its social needs such as education, community development, and health. It deals with improving the welfare of individuals and communities through employment, consumption, or participation, to provide solutions for individual and community problems. Social innovation adds an important social element to science and technology, such that for example, a product will fit societal needs very well. It also increases the value of the innovation i.e. renewal of science and technology that provides economic and social benefits.

Strategy: The conference in the morning session will entail talks by renowned experts in the fields of R&D innovations and of social innovation towards economic growth, while the technical/scientific sessions will be held in the afternoon session. Depending on the number of accepted papers, parallel sessions may be held on R&D innovation and on social innovation.”

July 28, 2020: Call for papers

October 01, 2020: Deadline for submission

November 01, 2020: Notification of acceptance

November 14, 2020: Final paper submission