The International & European Association Awards 2020, now in its 6th year, is the only awards for European associations and the only awards for International associations. The criteria are recognizing excellence and sharing best practices and success and, it is a non-profit making initiative where nominees do not pay to enter and pay only costs to attend the ceremony. The awards are supported by the most reputable associations and societies worldwide.

This year, due to the recent pandemic of COVID-19, The International & European Association Awards had to adapt their system to the new circumstances. All the nominations were submitted online, and the functionality of the system enabled them to use scoring and weighing in the judging – moving away from a ranking approach. This rigorous scoring approach has been highly appreciated by the judges and enabled them to fix a threshold score above which nominations go through to be one finalist. Previously it was the top three in ranking that went through.

The number of nominations received this year was 50% higher than previous awards, and the sophisticated tracking and emailing system was part of how it was achieved. The judges remarked on this year’s entries as being nearly all very good, making judging more challenging.

This year, The International Federation of Inventors’ Association has submitted the organization as a nominee to The International & European Association Awards 2020. In around 20 categories, IFIA has been nominated for the award of The International Association of the Year. IFIA owes this accomplishment to expanding the scope of its activities in the past years through its operations and has fulfilled its assignments. Lately, IFIA has submitted the documents of the things that have been done to The Association of Association Executives, and eventually, because of the achievements and the expansion of invention culture, we were nominated in The International & European Association Awards.

Recently, we have been informed that happily, IFIA is now among the finalists of the mentioned category.

After all, as the representative of the inventor and innovators society, we hope that by achieving this award, we would make our beloved and creative society proud once more.