The second online workshop was held for Iranian inventors by the IFIA Academy

With the growth and development of the macro policies of the World Federation of Inventors, IFIA Academy simultaneously conducted its second workshop for Iranian inventors with an online innovation-based business development approach.

On July 24th, 2020, an online joint workshop on innovation and entrepreneurship entitled “Business Model and Customer Development” hosted by Mr. Arsalan Jalili, MSc. in Management from the University of Southern California and also, MSc. in Electrical Engineering from the State University of California, and Mr. Masoud Shafaghi, the strategic planning, and coordination manager of IFIA, was held for Iranian inventors to know the way to innovating and creating an idea and the way to make it suitable for a business model.

At the beginning of the workshop, Mr. Masoud Shafaghi introduced the workshop, its goals, and announced that sometimes the process of creating a new idea with innovation occurs in several critical points and being familiar with business models is a good starting point for the process of creating a business idea based on innovation. Therefore, what better tool than a business model canvas to start brainstorming.
He further emphasized that your job is not to enter an unrivaled market that is creating a business that has never occurred to anyone. But the art of entrepreneurship is to be able to win over your competitors’ customers with a small but creative change in an existing business with the same business model. With this, you can create a new business, which is innovation in redesigning an existing business model.

Then, Mr. Arsalan Jalili expressed the basic ideas between startups and companies in this part, discussed the strategies, organizations, and the effective cases in starting a startup in general.
Mr. Jalili stated that nowadays, instead of the process of creating business models, the discussion of business models should be more developed and studied further, and the difference between the two in profit generation mechanism, documentation to present company strategies, and predicting miles performance in the coming years.

He pointed out that there are two issues in customer-oriented development; Research and implementation.
In the research part, we should seek customer discovery and customer evaluation, and in the implementation part, we should seek to increase the customer and improve the collection.

The next part of the Innovation-Based Business Book Review answers three key questions:

What is the thing that you do?
Who is your customer?
Why do they buy from you?

In the end, the lecturers expressed their concerns and answered the questions of the Iranian inventors.