The International Federation of Inventors’ Association and Brazil International Innovative Inventors, Scientists, and Entrepreneurs Association – ABIPIR has launched bilateral cooperation which is named “Genome of Success 360 degrees”.

Marcelo Vivacqua

The goal of the project is to create a relationship channel on YouTube by DSC. Marcelo Vivacqua, Contact International Business Company CEO and head of IFIA’s office at American Latin in which videos have been published presenting the views of people from various countries on the way they achieve personal and professional success. This project aims to motivate the young people of many countries and integrate the strategies they use with students, inventors, and entrepreneurs so that they learn or improve the good practices translated by the skills, technical and socio-emotional competencies and behaviors that allow them to achieve success. To leverage this purpose of motivating young people, integrating them, enabling them technically and socio-emotionally and helping them to discover how creativity, inventiveness, entrepreneurship, and innovation can help them to build their future from the teachings of the videos and the life experiences reported in them, serving as an example.

When the inventors can see the future of their hard work with a successful person as an example, they would be assured that there would be a payoff for their efforts, and that can be a great source of motivation.

After all, we think that using this project as a platform to motivate and to support the inventors and nourishing their minds with creativity and innovation can be a great help to them simultaneously.
So, as mentioned before, the purpose of the project is to create a channel on YouTube so that the inventors would be able to access all kinds of information related to creativity and innovation. But more on that, because Youtube is an access-free platform and everyone can watch the videos, it would be an advantage to the invention community to interact more with the people all around the world and lead them to engage in the invention events. The more the people get to know events related to inventions, the more confidence the inventors will have.

In conclusion, the Project “Genome of Success 360 degrees” has IFIA’s institutional support as a partner, and the federation will try to encourage all of its members to engage in this project.