Romanian Inventors Forum

Activity Report for 2019

1. Introduction

Romanian Inventors Forum is a professional association that aims to support, stimulate the development and valorization of scientific and technical creative activities, and cultural-artistic, but also copyright problems of its members, diversification of research and technological development, design, scientific investigation, micro-production, etc.

Research and development institution certified by the National Authority for Scientific Research (ANCS), according to HG. 551/2007, Decision ANCS no. 9708/29.07.2009.FIR was established in 2003 by a group of university professors, elite inventors, and researchers from the University Center in Iasi.

FIR board was elected in 2015 with the following component:
President – Assoc.Prof.Ph.D.Eng. Andrei Victor SANDU
Vice-President – Assoc.Prof.Ph.D.Eng. Alexandru STANILA
Vice-President – Assoc.Prof.Ph.D.Eng. Ioan Gabriel SANDU
Secretary – Ph.D.Eng. Viorica VASILACHE
In 2019 FIR has over 500 supporting members, over 50 being very active during the year.
During the 2019 Romanian Inventors Forum (FIR) had strong activity in promoting creativity on various fields.

The activity of FIR was focused on several types of actions as:

organizing events, workshops, courses;
participating in events for invention promotion and dissemination;
dissemination by the publication of scientific articles;

2. Organized events

– SEMINARY – Strategy of a Ph.D. Thesis – January 2019 / Organized at the Gheorghe Asachi Technical University of Iasi for Ph.D. Students
– CADET-INOVA – The International Student innovation and Scientific Research Exhibition, Sibiu, April 2019 (main-organizer: “Nicolae Balcescu” Land Forces Academy)
Event held under the High Patronage of Romanian Inventors Forum (FIR).
o President of FIR – Dr.Eng. Andrei Victor SANDU was President of Jury.
More Information on
– EUROINVENT – European Exhibition of Creativity and Innovation, 16-18 May 2019
o under the aegis of IFIA
o held with the participation of over 30 foreign official delegations, which represented 42 countries.
o the competition participated in 622 inventions and research projects from 42 countries.
o Full Report:
– ICIR EUROINVENT – International Conference on Innovative Research – 16-17 May 2019
o brings together leading researchers, engineers, and scientists who present actual research results in the field of Materials Science and Engineering.
o Researchers from 12 countries have contributed to the scientific results of ICIR 2019.
o 139 received abstracts; 122 published articles in IOP, 5 published in EJMSE; 1 published in IJCS, 39 oral presentations; 1 Keynote speakers; 3 Invited speakers

3. Participation in events

– IPITEX Thailand, 2-6 February 2019 ( IFIA event ) / 10 inventions presented
– PROINVENT Cluj-Napoca, Romania – 20-22 March 2019 / 8 inventions presented and FIR as co-organizer
– ARCHIMEDES Moscow –March 2019 ( IFIA event ) / 5 inventions presented
– CADET-INOVA Sibiu, Romania –April 2019 / President of Jury and FIR as co-organizer
– ICE Suceava, Romania – June 2019 / Member of Jury and FIR as co-organizer
– INTARG Poland, Katowice 2019 June ( IFIA event ) / 2 inventions presented and Member of Jury
– TRAIAN VUIA Invention Salon Timisoara, Romania / 1 invention presented
– INVENTICA, Iasi, Romania June 2019 / 8 inventions presented / Represented Taiwan, Korea, and Malaysia
– ITE, London, August 2019 / 8 inventions presented
– ICAN, Toronto, 24 August 2019 ( IFIA event ) / 9 inventions presented
– NEW TIMES, Sevastopol, Russia, September 2019 ( IFIA event ) – by correspondence / 2 inventions presented
– ISIF Istanbul, September 2019 ( IFIA event ) / 6 inventions presented and Member of Jury
– UGAL INVENT, Galati, Romania / 1 invention presented and Member of Jury
– IWIS Poland, Warsaw, October 2019 ( IFIA event ) / 6 inventions presented and Member of Jury
– INOVA Zagreb, November 2019 / 16 inventions presented and Member of Jury
– INFOINVENT Chisinau, November 2019 ( IFIA event ) / 16 inventions presented / Represented IFIA and Member of Jury
– KIDE Kaohsiung, Taiwan, December 2019 / 6 inventions presented

4. Scientific publications

– 20 scientific articles published in Journals indexed by Thomson Reuters Web of Science;
– Proceeding books with ISSN and ISBN;
– Publication of International Journal of Conservation Science

5. Achievements

More than 30 medals and awards for inventions
Romanian Inventors Forum supported this year’s several institutes and universities without getting any financial assets.
Due to the national financial situation, all members were exempt from paying fees.
Participation in events and other costs was covered by the participating person or from different activities.

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