The 4th International Invention Innovation Competition in Canada, iCAN 2019 “The Finals” took place on August 24th at North York Memorial Community Hall in Toronto where Finalists from 20 countries were in attendance from around the world. The overall participation for the competition this year marked a record-breaking 50 countries entering more than 500 inventions. The Finals featured exhibitors from all North American countries: Canada, USA and Mexico; and also from Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Africa: China, Hong Kong, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Poland, Romania, Uzbekistan, Iran, Turkey, Austria, Iraq, Egypt, Morocco, and Cyprus. All exhibitors performed oral presentations of their inventions and innovation projects to the jury members for the Finals evaluation and award selections.

The exhibition had a total of 165 inventions & innovations on display which were introduced to the jury, international delegations, co-exhibitors, and other attendees, visitors and guests that gathered from multi-continental sectors of the world. The event featured 3 major programs: invention exhibition & judging, seminar, and award ceremony. iCAN 2019 as the 4th annual edition marked new records for the number of inventions, countries, exhibitors, and also most meaningfully received the best post-event feedback and positive responses from the majority of participants who were there on August 24th in iCAN 2019 “The Finals” in Toronto, Canada.

The jury committee of iCAN 2019 “The Finals” featured both local and international experts, endorsed individuals and professionals in the field of invention, innovation, scientific research, intellectual property, new product promotions, business authentic branding, university professors of engineering and science, trade show experts, representatives of inventor associations, networks, forums – from 10 countries altogether as a joint committee of North America, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, and Africa which maximized the Finals standard level of judging and evaluation.

Following the exhibition & judging was the annual seminar by Mr. Howard Lim, President of “HOW Creative”. This year’s topic covered “Breaking Boundaries for an Irresistible Customer Brand Experience”. Since the first edition of iCAN in 2016, Mr. Lim has been taking a major role in the event as the main speaker of the seminar as well as the co-chairman of the jury in the exhibition.

The award ceremony was conducted as the last function for the participants as the highlight of the event, starting with the presentation of iCAN Special Inventor Award Winners of the Finals followed by international delegations’ Special Awards, Best Invention Awards for national, continental and individual categories; and finally the winners of the Semi-Grand Prize, and the Grand Prize.