The 12th edition of International Invention and Innovation Show INTARG® 2019, recognized as IFIA official event, finished on June 5th in the International Congress Center in Katowice – capital of the leader center of economy and industry in Poland.


The event attracted participants from 20 countries: Angola , Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belgium, Canada, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Croatia, Czech Republic, Egypt, France, Yemen, Iran, Indonesia, Macau, Morocco, Oman, Poland, Romania, Sudan, Taiwan and Vietnam.


This year’s edition of INTARG® was inaugurated and supported by many of Polish leading institutionsinternational organizations and media, by granting honorary patronage, assuming the role of partners or media partners. The presence of many journalists from television, radio and press guaranteed wide media coverage for INTARG® 2019.


The exhibitors represented universities and scientifics institutes, industrial and commercial companies, private inventors and researchers, start-ups, associations, state organisms research units,  as well as high schools and schools of higher education.  The solutions presented included the concepts from areas such as ecology, medicine, safety, aviation, mechanics, engineering, electronics, energetics, information technology and others. The exhibitors presented in INTARG® the results of their research, their new products, services and techniques to businessmen visiting.


The program of the invention show was enriched with numerous conferences and accompanying events (INTARG® Invention Contest; gala award ceremony, conferences and panel discussions, b2b meetings, business cocktail party, trip to Cracow).


International Jury was awarded Grand Prix, The Best Foreign Invention, Price of President of Jury, 12 platinum prices, gold, silver and bronze medals. The best innovations were granted also by the prices of INTARG® honorary patronages and partners: Polish Ministry of Science, Polish Ministry of Investment and Economic Development, Polish Ministry of Agriculture, IFIA diploma, Polish and Czech Patent Offices, Polish Chambers of Ecology, Polish Federation of Engineering and many others.


The Grand Prix at the 12th INTARG® 2019, Award from the Ministry of Investment and Economic Development and from Polish Ministry of Agriculture were awarded to –  Institute of Aviation for “Unmanned Aerial System for obtaining multispectral data about terrain coverage”. The Award for the best estranger invention went to  FLY-CONTROL from France for “UAF Fire Fighter”. IFIA’s Best Invention Award was granted to University of Torun from Poland for „The method of obtaining a biological preparation of fungal origin accelerating the degradation of polymerimaterials”


Mission of INTARG® is to promote inventions and innovations in order to transfer them into the world of industry. It is a platform for a direct contact for science and business representatives (manufacturers, commercial agents, promoters, financiers, users and entrepreneurs) as well as for any supporting and financing entities.