FICI Welcomes Gold & Silver Medal Wins for Canadian start up entrepreneurs at BIXPO 2018, Seoul, South Korea


On behalf of First Institute of Canadian Inventors (FICI) we would like to extend our congratulations to two Canadian inventors for their great achievements at BIXPO 2018 in South Korea, an international invention competition bringing entrepreneurs, inventors and investors all under one roof.

Canada sent two participants to compete at BIXPO with support of FICI and Ryerson University. Wide Range Power Combiner led by Bolis Ibrahim and Oleh Zhyhinas, student inventors and entrepreneurs from Clean Energy Zone at Ryerson University, and Intelligence system to Collect Oil Spills led by Prof. Ahmadreza Khosropour and Babak Khodaparast from Clean Oil International have presented their inventions at the competitions.

FICI was delighted to receive the news that Wide Range Power Combiner was recognized with a Gold Medal and Intelligence System to Collect Oil Spills was recognized with Silver, both brining great attention and emphasis on Canadian inventions and opportunity for collaboration. With this recent achievement, FICI members won two gold medals and two silver medals since 2016, which has served Canada’s reputation as an innovator and a country that values student led entrepreneurship.  FICI looks forward to increasing our support for Canadian inventors to enable them to participate and compete on the international stage and enhance their visibility and impact, with the objective of attracting attention to Canadian inventions and increasing opportunities for investment and collaborative work.

Student led innovation has been gaining tremendous momentum at universities and colleges across Canada and is an invaluable component to the student experience when attending institutions that champion such approaches. Universities such as Ryerson have placed tremendous amounts of infrastructure and energy to support experiential learning by way of incubators, specialized faculty led institutes, mentorship programs and other pathways that look to nourish and promote student led innovation and entrepreneurship. This is a vital reality that students in today’s classrooms and labs have to confront.

Another component of student led innovation is the financial support and networking opportunities that are vital for start-up success and in this capacity, FICI will be providing additional necessary assistance to enable student led innovations gain further momentum nationally and internationally when it comes to receiving legal advice, patent submissions, exposure and reputation building  while establishing necessary networks to take their invention to the next stage in both locally and internationally.



For more information about BIXPO 2018:

Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy and Gwangju Metropolitan City were the leading sponsors of the BIXPO 2018 which took place at KDJ Convention Center in Gwangju, Korea from October 31st to Nov 2nd, 2018. BIXPO 2018 featured over 680 booths, ran 48 conference sessions and attracted approximately 70,000 participants from more than 40 countries. BIXPO’s participants included university students, entrepreneurs and industry leaders who took this opportunity to seek out opportunities for collaborative partnerships.

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