FICI in a quick look

The process of being an inventor could be a long and difficult process without support. As part of our education program, we teach you how to find a feasible idea, how to evaluate your idea, how to implement it and how to protect it. However, you can use patent and idea/patent evaluation service without taking a course. 

If you already have an invention, definitely you need to demonstrate your unique product to the world to get a reputation and find an investor or a buyer for your patent. FICI is leading the national inventors' team of Canada and annually we choose only ten members as part of the national team to compete with other teams who are participating from across the globe in more than 15 international competitions of inventions. Winners of these competitions will get gold, silver & bronze medal, cash prizes and special awards from The United Nations (UN), IFIA, different universities.

Lastly, IFIA has a strong partnership with big industries and subsidiaries of The UN, so all of our members could benefit from our international supports to demonstrate their inventions and link with big companies, universities, and organizations.


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